Linda Christin

My Stats

  • Name: Linda Christin
  • Birthplace: Sweden
  • Birth date: 02/28/82
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 125lbs.
  • Shoe size: 6½
  • Hair: Platinum blonde
  • Eyes: Blue

My Biography

February 28, 1982 a small angel by the name of Karolina Linda Christin was born. And this is her story: I grew up with my mom, dad and my older sister in an apartment in Partille (a small suburb to the big city of Gothenburg in Sweden). I have lived there almost my entire life, but about one and a half year ago I moved out and got my own place, however, still in Partille, where all my best friends live.

I spend most of my free time with my horse Tollezar, a magnificent 13 year old black gelding, whom I've had since he was four. And we train and compete together in dressage and show jumping.

Whenever I'm not in the stable I can most likely be found in the city shopping for new clothes or at a friends' house having a snack. (I love sweets and cookies :)) I used to party constantly and at one time the local bars were like my second home (the legal drinking age in Sweden is 18) but I have grown tired of that and nowadays I prefer to have a few beers and share a good laugh among friends in the cosiness of our own homes. Or then again, I can just lounge the day away at home, with lots of sweets and a good movie.

I currently work on the evening shift on the assembly line at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg where I am very happy for the time being, much thanks to my wonderful colleagues and co-workers. :)